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Legacy spreadsheet work that holds you back, manual processes that tie you up. For analysts, these constraints create an all-too-common trap — few have the time and energy left to formulate insights.

But Tony Adam and Tim Kessler from Siemens Energy found a better way. These analytic superstars used automation to scale up fast and shortcut their way to new answers.

Watch this webinar, Tim and Tony will reveal how automation lets their whole team prep, blend, and deliver insights with lightning speed. They’ll show you how they:

  1. Launched their journey from the typical cycle of manual spreadsheet work — endless data consolidation, formula validation, VLOOKUPs, and more — to repeatable, automated workflows
  2. Easily accessed and blended data from disparate sources, including SAP, Oracle SQL, AWS, and Salesforce
  3. Saved analysts 2 hours a day, and invested their time into delivering bigger insights and solving new problems

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Tim Kessler
Business Unit Program Lead for Digitalization in Production and Processes
Siemens Energy
Tony Adam
Data Analytics and Automation Manager
Siemens Energy
Josh van Tonder
Senior Director, Product Marketing

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