Risk Scores and Patient Panel Sizes: Predictive Analytics in Primary Care

Mosaic Medical

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One of the most rapidly changing fields, healthcare companies must be extremely agile. Fee-for-service will soon be passé, replaced by patient outcomes and population management. And it’s not just large-scale hospital systems that need to accommodate the change; smaller primary-care organizations must be nimble as well.

In this session, learn how Mosaic Medical, a community health center system with 20,000+ patients, is using Alteryx and Tableau to tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs and balancing providers' patient volume based on each patient’s complexity by:

  • Combining multiple sources of data, including demographics, chronic diseases, lab results and more, to develop patient risk scores
  • Using risk scores and patient panel sizes to forecast provider, resource and facility needs
  • Predicting no shows of patients and total claims costs

When you watch this on-demand session, you’ll also leave with an understanding of how Mosaic Medical managed null-value treatment, model types (regression, random forest, etc.), and other implementation challenges.

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Marshall Greene Marshall Greene
Senior Healthcare Data Analyst
Mosaic Medical