Empower your teams to adeptly harness the floods of data that inundate your organization and gain deeper insights by introducing them to the Modern Analytics Lifecycle.

Alteryx + Amazon Web Services is the key to delivering the agility that the Modern Analytics Lifecycle strongly suggests when dealing with all types of complex business situations, from data discovery to model deployment.

In this white paper from Radiant Advisors, a leading data and analytics research and advisory firm, you learn how to:

Understand and define business needs regarding data usage and goals for analytic models

Discover available data sources, explore and profile data, and then develop repeatable workflows

Deploy and operationalize analytics in a way that accounts for version control for as-needed updates, accessibility of the output data, and visualization for business applications


Alteryx + Amazon Web Services yields faster results and the bandwidth required for smooth rafting even on the choppiest of water. Discover how today.

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