Tuesdays - Thursdays
12 May- 28 May
11:00 BST / 12:00 CEST

Working from home shouldn’t stop your learning curve. We want to continue to help you solve your biggest data challenges with Alteryx.

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Over the course of the next three weeks this beginner-friendly, knowledge-stacked series will teach you the building blocks of Alteryx and will help you turn your analytic skills up to 11.

12 May
Build Your First Workflow
Did you just download Alteryx Designer and now you’re wondering where to start? Join this session to build your first workflow. We’ll prep and blend your data in record time so you can start diving into your insights.
13 May
Alteryx for the Excel User
Are you an Excel ninja that’s looking to put those mundane data prep tasks on cruise control? In this session, you’ll work alongside an Alteryx expert as you translate common Excel functions into an Alteryx workflow. Time to reclaim those seven hours a week lost to manually updating spreadsheets.
14 May
Optimizing Your Alteryx Workflows
Automation, readability and robustness are the key ingredients to an optimized workflow. Learn the best practises from the best: read multiple files in one fell swoop, explore the dynamic tools, and document your workflow like a master.
19 May
Will It Blend?
Data is everywhere and in every format imaginable. This course will show you exactly how to connect and blend different data sources, like databases and flat files. Once your data is blended, it’s time to perform powerful calculations and use data manipulation techniques to get the answers you need.
20 May
Adding Location to Your Analysis
"Everything happens somewhere". Move beyond tabular data and expand your analysis to cover the "where?" with Alteryx. In this session you will learn how to use spatial information to cluster data, measure distances and more advanced location analytics.
21 May
Forecasting in Alteryx
Discover the magic of forecasting. Get ready for a deep exploration of the Time Series Suite. After the session you will be following trends, seasonality, and making better forecasts.
26 May
Introduction to Predictive Analytics
You were made to do more than just prep and blend. Unleash code-free advanced analytics to move your analyses forward. In this course, we’ll explore the entire predictive suite so you’ll know which tools meet your specific needs. Create your first advanced model, and gaze into the future with confidence.
27 May
Sharing & Reusing Components in Alteryx
Do you find yourself copying and pasting the same set of steps over and over again? Or you've built a killer solution in Alteryx and you wish you could share it with your colleagues? Or maybe you're wondering how to loop your workflows? If the answer to any of these is “yes”, this is the session for you.
28 May
Communicating Your Insights
A table is almost never the output that you use to communicate your insights, so why stop at tables in Alteryx? Learn how to create interactive and static reports, and how to automate the full process from data input to an email sent with the insight you want to share.

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Anna Rossudowska
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Florian Carrier
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Kojo Akuffo
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Razzia Gafur
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