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Cleansing, prepping and blending multiple data sources doesn’t have to be a painful, lengthy processes. Download our Data Blending Analytic Templates and learn how to cut down the lengthy data preparation process with a repeatable workflow.

"Alteryx has given the employees at Southwest Airlines a powerful tool to let us self-serve our own data analysis projects and become true data warriors.” - Tom Laney, Business Consultant, Corporate Strategy, Southwest Airlines

The Alteryx Data Blending Analytic Templates provides tutorials that will show you examples of how to blend a variety of data sources quickly and easily. You can use these sample workflow tutorials to see how to work smarter not harder, and then modify them to incorporate your own data.

The Alteryx Data Blending Analytic Templates will help you:

  • Expedite cleaning and standardizing your data using a repeatable workflow
  • Blend data regardless of format and size - Microsoft Excel, XML, social, geospatial and more
  • Clean and prepare unstructured data from surveys or webpages
  • Quickly output your prepped and blended data to reports, or visualization tools like Tableau or Qlik for faster insights

Explore a better, faster, and easier way to connect to all relevant data – regardless of format or physical location – and build the dataset you need. Download the Data Blending Analytic Templates and get started today.

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Data Blending: From Tedious and Time Consuming to Easy and Fast