Strategic Planning & Forecasting Using Alteryx and Tableau


Watch this On-Demand Session from Inspire 2015:

In the highly competitive automotive industry, strategic planning success requires a mastery of multiple data types to understand changing market conditions, evolving customer values and attitudes, and vehicle preferences.

In this highly engaging presentation, learn how Audi rapidly shifted its approach for data analysis to:

  • Achieve breakthrough insights
  • Maximize the value from its vast array of existing resources
  • Accelerate accurate forecasting

Watch this on-demand session and hear from both Aaron Cohen, General Manager of Strategic Planning & Analytics, and Alex Khvan, Senior Analyst of Strategic Planning and Forecasting, at Audi of America. They will elaborate on how they have leveraged Alteryx and Tableau to revolutionize their approach to data mining, discovery and visualization.

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Aaron-Cohen Aaron Cohen
General Manager of Strategic Planning and Analytics
Audi of America
Alex-Khvan Alex Khvan
Senior Analyst of Strategic Planning and Forecasting
Audi of America