Transform your data to adhere to ASC 606 guidelines 

Thursday, June 18, 2020
10 a.m. Pacific

When the Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Board issued revised guidance on how organizations were expected to recognize and report revenue in 2014 many companies were left in a lurch. The objectives are intended to provide greater comparability of financial statement evaluation across organizations. Most companies, however, were at a loss as to how to transform data to meet new standards when operating with out of date systems that can’t meet these new requirements. In this session, we’ll speak to how Alteryx was able to overcome this challenge using the Alteryx platform and how finance teams can keep up with ever changing guidance.

Register for this use case + discover how:

  • Alteryx brought in data from disparate sources including ERP data, sales orders, invoices, and credit memos into a single platform for analysis
  • Alteryx built a repeatable workflow to continuously analyze reporting and ensure ongoing compliance with the new standards
  • Alteryx platform can provide critical documentation for auditors and external party review
  • To tackle technology enhancement when existing partners lack capabilities to conform to changing guidance and reporting requirements

You can automate compliance practices at your organization. Start bringing added value to your organization today.



Neeta Kamat
Solutions Marketing Manager
Daniel Brodsky
Sr. Inside Sales Engineer