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In this webinar, you’ll meet Matt Burton, Sr. Principal Team Leader, Tax Technology at Chick-fil-A. Matt oversees tax data analytics, including all systems that touch tax data. Data collection, reporting, and analytics are the lifeblood of his team’s (and Chick-fil-A franchisees’) tax function. Watch this webinar to learn first-hand how they adopted a transformative tax data handling approach with self-service analytics, shortening compliance life cycles and increasing efficiency.

Matt reveals how analytics is put to practice to tackle tough data challenges such as sales tax regulatory filings, compliance, and audit. This information-rich session is designed to impart real-life examples on how to reduce risk, increase value, and better identify tax-saving opportunities with analytics.

We’ll examine how self-service analytics allows Chick-fil-A tax analytics practices to:

  • Streamline the reporting process to franchisees for indirect tax returns
  • Improve analysis with tax rate look-ups and point of sale alerts to identify tax variances
  • Reconcile accounts payable data with ERP vendor data through robotic process automation

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Matthew Madden
Director of Solutions Marketing
Matt Burton
Sr. Principal Team Leader, Tax Technology

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