Making Predictive Analytics Work - 5 Keys to Successful Model Deployment and Management

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Organizations are excited about predictive analytics/machine learning for a number of reasons. Companies want to better understand customer behavior. They want to better predict failures in their infrastructure. The uses for predictive analytics are extensive and growing.

Yet, organizations are struggling to put the models they build into production. TDWI research indicates that it takes some businesses upwards of six months or more to deploy models into operation. Additionally, many organizations do not have the tools for managing and monitoring these models, so if they do get them into production, they often become stale and useless. Some of these problems are due to organizational issues; some are technology-based. The good news is that vendors are offering tools to help organizations overcome the deployment challenge.

This webinar focuses on five keys to successful model deployment and management. Join Fern Halper, VP of Research and Alteryx to learn about:

The current state of predictive analytics/machine learning

Challenges organizations face in deploying models into production

Keys to successful model deployment and management

Tools for model management, deployment, and monitoring


Jen Underwood Fern Halper
Sr. Research Director
Matt Madden Matthew Madden
Director, Product Marketing