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Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020
10:00 AM Pacific

A recent LinkedIn Workforce Report indicated a shortage of roughly 151,000 data science professionals in the U.S. As digital transformation continues to dominate organizations’ focus, the demand for data science skills will only increase.

But one group is quickly bridging the talent gap. Citizen data scientists — individuals capable of advanced analytics without specialized degrees or coding knowledge — are becoming more and more sought after. According to Gartner, citizen data scientists are even poised to outpace their traditional data science siblings by 2020. But what does it even mean to do "citizen data science?" Is there a future in it? Could it be for you?

Watch this live webinar to get the full download on citizen data scientists. You’ll discover:

  • Where citizen data scientists came from + how companies are maximizing value with their skills
  • How citizen data scientists have changed the analytics industry + what the future of this talent group looks like
  • How to start your journey toward becoming a citizen data scientist

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Melissa Burroughs
Sr. Product Marketing Manager