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Think you know your data? Think again. Data should drive your business forward, but too often, analysts get bogged down in manual data tasks, making it impossible to provide timely insights. Whether you consider yourself a spreadsheet ninja, Tableau zen master, or a data-driven leader, every data worker is on a journey to improve analytics and empower others with data-driven insights.

Watch this webinar to learn how Stefan Nikolic, lead data engineer at Airbus, pursues digital transformation to propel his analytics journey and change the game for Airbus. Using Alteryx and Tableau, Stefan overcomes every analytic obstacle to fuel data-driven insights for major, daily strategic decisions.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Go beyond the what to understand the why behind your data and empower everyone to make data-driven decisions
  • Use Alteryx + Tableau to propel your business forward no matter where you’re at in your analytics journey
  • Deliver truly self-service, end-to-end analytics for insights across the organization, enabling a data-driven culture

Get ready to see your data in a new way and join your peers across thousands of companies who are experiencing a new way to prep, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources and then outputting that data to Tableau for beautiful visualizations.

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Stefan Nikolic
Data Engineer
Mindi Grissom
Product Evangelist

"Alteryx est intuitif et interactif ... a pris moins de 60 secondes pour obtenir la même sortie qui a pris des heures auparavant."


David Algranati
SVP Innovation produit et recherche personnalisée chez Rentrak