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Tuesdays + Thursdays
February 18 – February 27, 2020
10 a.m. Pacific

Interested in learning how to solve your biggest data problems with Alteryx?

Now's your chance! This beginner-friendly, knowledge-stacked series, teaches the building blocks of Alteryx to help you turn your analytic skills up to 11.

February 18
Session 1: Build your first workflow
Have you just downloaded Alteryx Designer and want to know where to start? Join this session to build your first workflow as we prep and blend your data in record time so you can start diving into data insights.
February 20
Session 2: Alteryx for the Excel User
Are you an Excel ninja that is looking to put those mundane data prep tasks on cruise control in Alteryx? In this session, you will work alongside an expert as we translate common Excel functions into an Alteryx workflow to reclaim those 7 hours a week wasted on manually updating spreadsheets.
February 25
Session 3: Will it Blend?
Data is everywhere and in every format imaginable. This course will show you exactly how to connect and blend different data sources like databases and flat files. Once the data is blended, perform powerful calculations and data manipulation techniques to get the answers you need to report out.
February 27
Session 4: Introduction to Predictive Analytics
You were made to do more than just prep and blend data. Unleash code-free advanced analytics to move your analyses forward. In this course, we’ll explore the entire predictive suite so you’ll know which tools meet your specific needs and create your first advanced model, so you can see into the future with confidence.



Carl Dizon
Solutions Engineer
Peter Pham
Enterprise Solutions Engineer
Nick Michels
Associate Inside Sales Engineer
Brandon Bak
Inside Sales Engineer