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PA/ML (Predictive Analytics/Machine Learning) has hit the mainstream – and open source tools are more often an important piece of an organization’s adoption strategy. TDWI research repeatedly illustrates that more organizations are using tools like R and Python to build predictive models. However, building a model is one thing. Deploying that model into production is where the real value - and challenges - lie. Some businesses take upwards of six months or more to deploy models into production. There are numerous organizational and technology reasons for this. The good news is that vendors are offering tools to help organizations overcome the open source deployment challenge as well as monitor models in production.

This webinar focuses on successful PA/ML model deployment and management.

Join Fern Halper, Senior Research Director, Advanced Analytics and Alteryx to learn about:

The current state of PA/ML and the role open source plays

Keys to successful model deployment and management

Technologies to support the deployment of open source models

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Fern Halper Fern Halper
Senior Research Director, Advanced Analytics
David Cooperberg David Cooperberg
Product Manager, Advanced Analytics