Join us for a Live Webinar:

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
9 a.m. Pacific

Have you ever purchased Horizon Organic Milk or Activia Yogurt? Then you’ve purchased one of many products created by Danone, one of the top 10 largest food companies in the world and the largest certified B Corporation in the world.

Tasked with optimizing promotions for consumers, retailers, and Danone, the Profitable Revenue Growth Management team at Danone went from manually analyzing promotions in spreadsheets to automating everything with Alteryx.

The result? The team went from analyzing a handful of promotions a week to thousands in minutes.

Join our live webinar to hear from Mike Milanowski, Director of Revenue Management NA at Danone, and Erik Mitchell, Founder at Seek Data, to learn:

  • How Danone went from analyzing several promotions in a week to thousands in under two minutes.
  • How Mike and Erik use advanced analytics to optimize promotions
  • How you can do similar analysis for your promotions with a scalable analytics solution

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Mike Milanowski
Director of Revenue Management NA
Erik Mitchell
Seek Data
Anne-Queline Keller
Senior Solutions Manager, Retail