Join us for a Live Webinar:

Thursday, May 16, 2019
11 am CT

No matter what industry you’re in, the pressure to provide timely, actionable insights for your business rests squarely on your team’s shoulders. With all the available data out there it can be the wild, wild west trying to track it down and analyze it.

Meet our next Data Disruptor, Benjamin Kocarnik, Data Analyst at Juniper Networks. As a member of the Go-To-Market Analytics team, Ben supports and automates finance and sales data analytics pipelines. But when the team’s original underlying file-based spreadmart began to crumble after creating dozens of production dashboards and analyses, they had to find a better way to speed up daily processes, reduce error-rates, and lay a scalable analytics foundation for the future.

Register for this webinar to hear from data and analytics peers and learn how you can unlock optimal performance by blending and analyzing Big Data without moving it out of database. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to:

  • Understand and access Big Data with many disparate data sources, regardless of the size, or where it resides
  • Leverage the power of the cloud to run your analysis and utilize in-database features
  • Enrich your Snowflake Data Lakes with streamlined integration and third party demographic, firmographic and spatial data
  • Deliver impactful data insights with self-service data analytics at massive scale
  • Streamline all of your tasks so you can perform more advanced analysis

Are you ready to go big? Register to see how you can revolutionize business insights through modern data warehousing, analytics, and data science faster than you ever thought possible.



Ben Kocarnik
Data Analyst
Juniper Networks
Raman Kaler
Sr. Marketing Manager
Connor Kelleher
Solutions Engineer