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No matter what industry you’re in, the pressure to provide faster insights for your business programs rests squarely on your team’s shoulders. In the Data Disruptors webinar series, we’re going to introduce you to people—from all types of businesses—who disrupted the status quo.

Our first disruptor comes from Southwest Airlines.

One of the biggest areas for disruption in the airline industry—a highly competitive space—centers around flight schedules and on the ground crew. Managing crew costs is a major challenge for airlines and is only expected to grow.

Watch our webinar with Alec Siems, Analyst at Southwest, and learn how the airline revolutionized the way they manage crew costs with real-time dashboards and advanced modeling. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How to quickly gather data from different data sources—including Teradata and Oracle—to then prepare, build, and evaluate models.

How Southwest Airlines automatically runs regularly scheduled workflows without the help of additional developers.

How Alteryx’s Publish-to-Tableau tool made the process of exporting the final forecasts to Southwest Airlines’ Tableau Server easy and automatic.

Ready for takeoff? Watch the webinar to see how you can disrupt the status quo.

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Alec Siems
Southwest Airlines
Mindi Grissom
Product Marketing Manager

"Alteryx est intuitif et interactif ... a pris moins de 60 secondes pour obtenir la même sortie qui a pris des heures auparavant."


David Algranati
SVP Innovation produit et recherche personnalisée chez Rentrak