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In October of 2020, the Formula One Group, of Grand Prix racing fame, put a cap on racers’ equipment costs.

This was big, and a little scary. Because a typical Formula One car has more than 80,000 components — and 90 percent of them can change during a season.

Suddenly, managing waste and trimming excesses weren’t optional. They were literally the price of entry. Which is why one entrant, McLaren Racing, turned to analytic automation. It helped them connect car sensor data to performance answers.

Be a champion. Watch this Voice of the Customer webinar, and discover how McLaren Racing:

  • Oversees each part’s journey, from design and simulation through testing and deployment
  • Leverages data sources like IoT and sensors to fine-tune its manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • Keeps performance high and costs low, to win on and off the track

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Dan Keyworth
Director of Business Technology
McLaren Racing
Gib Bassett
Solutions Marketing Director

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