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As a marketer, the pressure is on. You have more data than ever before to spark results-driven campaign segmentation, production, and performance in your company, but your time to insight drains away your day.

What we know: 62% of data analysts must depend on others within their organization to perform at least some steps in the analytics process. Sound familiar? Watch to learn how your peers are winning their days back and side-stepping spreadsheet setbacks and inter-department swiveling altogether with self-service analytics.

Watch our webinar to discover:

Five prime areas to reclaim time in your analytics process

How to simplify insight-based campaign segmentation and promotion with self-service analytics

A single platform for blending all your marketing data in hours, not weeks

The must-have applications to multiply your marketing analytics power (hint: geo-spatial + predictive analytics)

It’s time to take an honest look at your processes and discover where your company wastes valuable time and, most importantly, how to win that time back.

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James Green James Green
MSP Solutions Consultant
Chris Helmus Chris Helmus
MSP Solutions Engineer