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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
11:00 AM CT

Tracking infrastructure investments, public safety, and expansion demand in a big data world has made DoT decision-making time-consuming and difficult. Growing data volumes, along with legacy systems and data silos, often stand in the way of state and local departments harnessing the most value from their data to drive strategy. But, here’s the thing—the data exists and is measurable. In this webcast, we’ll examine how innovative teams in the public sector are applying self-service analytics to fuel analysis around optimizing transportation system performance, preserving assets and infrastructure, and promoting safety.

Join this webinar to learn the formulas for unlocking transportation data with self-service analytics.

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  • Simplify “data wrangling” with a single platform to prepare, blend, and analyze data
  • Upskill existing talent with code-free and code-friendly drag-and-drop analytic tools
  • Use data to help improve transportation system reliability and safety and reduce congestion
  • Apply descriptive, geo-spatial, and predictive analytics to improve the deployment of maintenance and repairs

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Nick Jewel
Director of Solutions Marketing
Eric Soden
Managing Partner
Capitalize Analytics