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Fact: Tax professionals spend more than 50% of their time gathering tax data, and less than 30% on strategic tax analysis. This interactive training series is designed for tax professionals ready to roll up their sleeves to simplify the most tedious tax prep work and processes. Access our crash course training materials on demand to get everything you need to start applying analytics to automate time-intensive data collection, spreadsheet manipulation, and tax calculations. Get hands-on with self-service analytics through our guided tax-focused exercises, and quickly discover how to deliver powerful insights at record speed.

Register for Self-Service Analytics 101: Crash Course for Tax to access three one-hour sessions of interactive learning.


  • Session 1 – From Worksheets to Workflows
    Fundamentals: What are Common Excel Functions Used by Tax?
  • Session 2 – Using Self-Service Analytics for Tax
    Sample Use Case: How Can We Assign Tax Rates to Salary Automatically?
  • Session 3 – Automating Tax Processes
    Sample Use Case: How Can We Automate Preparation of a 12-Month Trial Balance Sheet?

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