Live Webinar Series:

Wednesdays, July 17 - 31
10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Pacific

Everything happens somewhere. Location analytics opens up a new world of knowledge and insight for you and your organization. If you’re interested in applying spatial and demographic analytics to your processes to enhance your decision-making abilities, this webinar series is for you!

Join Teknion Consultant and Alteryx ACE Deanna Sanchez as you travel on a guided tour of the spatial and demographic tools in Alteryx and discover ways to amplify your projects in a new dimension.

July 17
Session 1: Location Analytics
Explore location analytics in Alteryx as you’re guided through the essentials of spatial analysis. Using real world examples, learn about importing, preparing, and exporting spatial data formats. Understand the geocoding process and generate trade areas in both radii and drivetime polygon boundaries, expanding your analytic expertise into a new dimension. This course is intended for beginner-level users in Alteryx and/or in spatial analytics.
July 24
Session 2: Spatial Match and Distance
This intermediate course takes you to the next level by illustrating how to perform a spatial match between two datasets, and then enhance customer profiles with demographic and lifestyle segmentation data from Experian. Discover how to calculate straight-line distance, drivetime minutes and drive distance, as well as find the nearest locations, all with the intensely fast speed of Alteryx.
July 31
Session 3: Spatial Processes and Maps
In this advanced course, gain deeper knowledge of performing spatial processes, such as Cut, Buffer, Intersect, and Combine Spatial Objects. Create your own polygons on the fly and export them for use in other workflows and programs. Build attractive, concise thematic maps and distribute them throughout an organization, enabling faster insights and timely updates.



Deanna Sanchez
Alteryx ACE, Senior Consultant