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Thursday, Sept 24, 2020
9 a.m. Pacific

Too many inefficient S&OP meetings? Are you constantly proposing scenarios to analyze but never seeing the results because your analyst can’t keep up?

Supply chain planning systems are great at producing and executing the demand and supply plan of record, but often not great at evaluating scenarios and changes that can make the overall plan better. Planning teams typically scramble to run ‘what-if’ analysis using a mix of spreadsheets and cumbersome scenarios in their planning systems of record. The idea of what-if planning is simple: Subject your business’s planning models (assuming one has access to such a model) to data conditions emulating various business condition.

With Alteryx you can have your cake and eat it too. That’s right, 10x the scenario output, changes take seconds not weeks, and even what-if analysis directly in Alteryx for many scenarios… start claiming your time back. Save your Seat for a live webinar on Sept 24.



Drew Clardy
Director, Demand Planning
PrimeSource Building Products
Nicholas Hamm
VP, Supply Chain Design
Anne-Queline Keller
Director of Solutions Marketing, Supply Chain