Bi-weekly Advanced Training Series

Wednesdays, February 13 – June 5
10 am PST | 1 pm EST

Dive into the magic and wonder of advanced self-service analytics on the Alteryx platform. Whether you're already performing complex parsing or wanting to learn more advanced topics, this nine-part training series is your natural next step.

Lap the competition and effortlessly enrich your business function with advanced analytics. Get ready to swim in the fast lane – streamline weeks of data analysis work into hours of data exploration and modeling.

February 13th

Getting Down and Dirty with Advanced Parsing and Data Cleanup
Take data from muddy waters to crystal clear seas: This course is designed to help you go beyond the normal cleanup with advanced capabilities using different RegEx expressions.

February 27th

Combine Data That's Not 100% Identical - Fuzzy Matching
Merging two data sources is quite common. Merging two data sources that aren't exactly the same is even more common. How can you build a process that automates blending two similar but not exact data sources? Join this session to find out how.

March 13th

Overview of Advanced Analytics
Learn about the variety of code-free advanced analytic capabilities available in Alteryx Designer. In this course, we’ll show you the variety of code-free advanced analytic capabilities available in Alteryx Designer. Explore the entire advanced suite to know which tools will help you meet your needs and create your first advanced model, so you can see into the future with confidence.

March 27th

Transform addresses into insights
Discover how the power of Location and Business Insight data sets transforms any ordinary analysis into extraordinary in this course. Learn how to create a drivetime analysis to determine which customers fall within minutes of your site location. By the end, you will know your customers at a deeper level using demographic analysis.

April 10th

Forecasting your data in Alteryx
This session is all about the magic of forecasting. Prepare for a deep exploration into the Time Series Suite to make better forecasting decisions using your data to open up the possibilities to better insight.

April 24th

Predict the Future using Modern and Traditional Statistical Analytics
This course will expose you to all facets of the Predictive Suite. Learn the top capabilities and discover the powerful ways to use modern and traditional statistical code-free capabilities in your analysis. With this session, prepare to see the forest through the trees by building your first forecast model.

May 8th

Define the Relationship
Calling all Cupids! Learn to play matchmaker with your data in this course. Finding relationships within your data is an important part of creating rich analysis and insight. Discover how different variables in your analysis are related to each other through market basket and/or network analysis.

May 22nd

Make Every (Data) Connection
In this course, learn more about big data connectors to easily analyze your biggest data sets and let the database process it with In-DB capabilities. This session is a great opportunity to ensure you know how to connect to your special databases.

June 5th

Create Your First App - Public Gallery
Now that you’ve built a foundation for better analysis, how do you share with anyone, regardless of whether they have Alteryx Designer? In this course, you will learn how to create your first app and make it available in the Public Gallery.

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