The Definitive Guide to Self-Service Data Analytics

According to Forrester, the level of analytic satisfaction within organizations is on the decline.* The traditional multiple-step, multi-tool legacy approach is a slow, time-consuming, and in most cases, a costly process that prevents organizations from making faster decisions with confidence. Data analysts today need an agile solution that empowers them to take charge of the entire analytics process.

Download The Definitive Guide to Self-Service Data Analytics to:

  • Understand why traditional analytic tools designed for data scientists are not ideal for data analysts like you
  • Learn how self-service data analytics delivers the ease of use, speed, flexibility, and scalability you require
  • See how Alteryx stacks up against traditional data prep and analytics tools
Find out how self-service data analytics bridges the gap across skills, speed, and depth of analysis to empower you to achieve ever-greater insights without coding or depending on other departments.

*Vendor Landscape: Data Preparation Tools Data Self-Service Breaks Down Barriers In Systems Of Insight
Forrester, February 10, 2016

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