Artificial Intelligence (AI) quickly rose from obscurity a few years ago to become one of the hottest topics today. But with such a fast ascension, there is a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and false promise about what the new technology can do. How do you cut through the hype to determine how powerful AI really is and, if it does look promising to you, how do you insert it into your organization’s practices?

Download this whitepaper from the International Institute for Analytics, “Cutting Through the Hype of Artificial Intelligence, Part 1,” to learn:

When to use AI and when not to use AI

The relationships between AI, predictive analytics, and data science

How important context is when developing AI processes


Cut the hype and learn the real facts about AI. Understand why AI is emerging now and how transformative the technology can be – if harnessed the right way. Download the whitepaper to learn if investments in AI could be right for your organization.

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